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Sunday's Bulletin Message 11/11/2018

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Our Church's Theme for 2018, “What Would Jesus Do?”

We're discovering the words and deeds of our Lord Jesus Christ and attempting to apply them to our lives and the lives of our families.

I hope you're already asking this question at the beginning of any decisions you are making and I'm hoping that as you do, you are honestly attempting to “trust and obey”. A great theme such as “What Would Jesus Do?” only profits those applying what they learn. Today, we're discovering what Jesus taught about forgiveness.

Here's What We Learn:

1. There's a question of FREQUENCY in forgiveness. Peter wanted to know if seven times was enough to forgive someone for wrong doing. But Jesus replied. Do it seventy times seven! In other words, don't trouble yourself with keeping track, just keep forgiving. Live a forgiving life!

2. There's the FAILURE to forgive. Jesus tells us about a man that, though he'd been forgiven an enormous debt of millions of dollars, yet, when it came to him forgiving a fellow servant of a debt of only about fifteen dollars, he would not, and in fact had him imprisoned for failure to pay. Nothing speaks more badly about a person.

3. There's the FRUIT of not forgiving. When the King found out about the forgiven servant refusing to forgive another servant, he reimposed his enormous debt and because he could not pay, delivered him to the tormentors. Because the debt was too huge to ever pay, it was a life sentence enslaved to taskmasters and tormentors.

APPLICATION - Failure to live a life forgiving hurts us more than anyone else.

Together We Can,
Sr. Pastor Bill Rains

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