“Empowering Insight”

Sunday's Bulletin Message 2/09/2020

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Mission Baptist Church's Theme for the fourth year:

We're discovering the words and deeds of our Lord Jesus Christ and attempting to apply them to our lives. You see, the words of Jesus cannot help you unless you're willing to apply them to your life. And, the deeds of Jesus cannot help you unless you're willing to learn from them.

A Special Thank you all of you who made last Sunday's Sunday School Day Service a Success!

Your presence spoke louder than words! As great as our Teaching Staff is, they would not be able to reach the heights they do without you. We deeply appreciate every parent and grandparent that's chosen to allow us to partner with you in the spiritual development of your children.

The words of a seldom, if ever, sung hymn has come to mind, "Our Best"

“Hear ye the Master's call, give me thy best! For, be it great or small, that is His test. Do then the best you can, not for reward, not for the praise of men , but for the Lord. Wait not for men to laud, heed not their slight; winning the smile of God brings it's delight! Aiding the good and true, ne'er goes unblest, all that we think we do, be it our best. Night soon comes on apace, day hastens by; workman and work must fact testing on high. Oh, may we in that day find rest, sweet rest, which God promised those who do their best.”

Chorus: “Every work for Jesus will be blessed. But he asks from everyone his best. Our talents may be few, these may be small, but unto Him is due, our best, our all.”

Together We Can,
Senior Pastor Bill Rains

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