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Sunday's Bulletin Message 3/17/2019

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Our Church's Theme:
“What Would Jesus Do?” Continues Into 2019.

We're discovering the words and deeds of our Lord Jesus Christ and attempting to apply them to our lives and the lives of our families.

I hope you're already asking this question at the beginning of any decisions you are making and I'm hoping that as you do, you are honestly attempting to “trust and obey”. A great theme such as “What Would Jesus Do?” only profits those applying what they learn. Today, Associate Pastor Kurt has a message he wants to give concerning the coming Revival, March 24th. (Next Sunday AM & PM, Monday thru Wednesday).

You're encouraged to follow both Mission Baptist Cincinnati and Pastor Bill Rains' personal FaceBook page for information regarding things of interest.

Example of postings:

6:15 AM, WEDNESDAY MARCH 13th. WITH MY SON TIM. All is still the same, no response or acknowledgement of my presence. Have already prayed for/with him. Had a wonderful preacher’s fellowship yesterday. So glad I got to go. I was reminded that we must not leave our shield at home when we leave for the day’s activity and we must pattern our ministries after Jn. 3:16. Special prayers were made for Tim and all or us as we live this daily trial. So thankful for all my friends and the great Pastors and churches in Cincinnati and beyond. I have never once mentioned any needs for Tim and his family, other than prayer. And yet dear Pastors and churches (in addition to the church he pastored) have been moved to help financially so much as to have ALL financial needs met! We stand in need of nothing! His total disability benefits are scheduled to begin by May or June. In future posts I’ll share some of the unusual things that God has led people to do regarding Tim. And the friends this old salt has made over my forty years pastoring have become a greater treasure to me than you can imagine. I am your friend to the end. And I desire God’s blessings upon you and your churches.

Together We Can,
Sr. Pastor Bill Rains

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